The expensive diamond ring that Kylie Jenner has on Instagram raises suspicion of engagement

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Kylie Jenner has claimed suspicions she has committed to her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, after she shared a photo on her account. Instagram where a diamond ring looks.

This image has made its followers and the specialized press assume that makeup guru will soon come to the altar.

Socialite published a photograph on the social network where she wears sportswear and she has a diamond ring on her left. Although he did not write any text next to the picture, he wrote only a small blue heart.

The picture has more than 5 million likes.

And is that the sister's speculation Kim Kardashian is committed, has been reinforced after the last few days, told the rapper that Rolling Stone magazine is willing to marry Kylie.

Although the singer did not give more details about when he was thinking of asking the child for Kardashian clan Jenner.

Travis and Kylie began their romance in 2017 and debuted as dads on February 1, 2018, when their little Stormi was born.

Although some of their fans thought the couple would marry after the girl's birth, they preferred to slow down their relationship.

And it is that the couple, despite being accustomed to the spotlight, have preferred to keep their privacy away from the press.

Last August, the couple were caught in a California jewelry store. According to one source, he told E! News, both bought "a few items."

So far, the couple have not expressed their alleged obligation. And in fact, her pregnancy was also kept secret for 9 months.

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