The exorbitant pay gap between Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson

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December 30, 2018 at. 11:01
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Many of Hollywood's actresses who voiced their voices in the MeToo and Time & # 39; s Up Moves made it clear that the abuse of power exercised by men in the industry was not limited to ill-treatment. The large wage differences between male stars and female stars became one of the demands of that group over the months. However, nothing seems to have changed.

The specialized news site TMZ reported that Dwayne "La Roca" Johnson will receive $ 13 million more than her line partner, Emily Blunt, for the lead role in the movie Jungle Cruise, from Disney.

The wrestler will receive a total of $ 22 million to settle in Frank's shoes while the talented actress who wants to play Lily will rise to nine million. The funny thing is that Blunt comes from the lead role The Return of Mary Poppins, one of the last major games in Disney, but not yet recognized as a star of the level of the previous fighter.

Dwayne's good earnings in terms of revenue led him to take second place in the ranking of best-paying actors in Hollywood. Their total profit in 2018 reached 124 million, just behind Daniel Craig, the best positioned, Forbes said. The same publication ranks "La Roca" at number five on the list of the 100 artists that gathered the most.

Already in April of this year, with the resounding incident that assumed #MeToo, the actors began to highlight these differences, which, with the exception of some exceptions, were not known to the public. One of the first scandals of the year in relation to inequality set the series The Crown in the center of the conflict. Is it Claire Foy, the undisputed star of the first two seasons, charged significantly less than Matt Smith, the actor who embodied his husband, Prince Felipe.

In 2014, several years before the scandal that captured Harvey Weinsten, broke out, one of the most popular and respected American actors had already referred to the question without half-measures. Believe in her style, Jennifer Lawrence told her what she felt then, after a hack, the numbers created by the actors were released. American scandal.

First, he did it by means of an open letter and then told the press: "I'm annoyed by injustice and inequality. And there's nothing just happening in the movie industry: there is a difference of 21% between men and women in the US, Almost every field I don't think there's just one reason, I think that on the one hand, if you can get away with paying some less, you do it, and then you can go on the philosophical side and say, & # 39; Why are women so afraid of us? & # 39; "

A similar situation suffered Michelle Williams, who had a greater role than Mark Wahlberg in All the worldsbut he charged a lot less than he did. The situation came to light when the team had to shoot back all the scenes where Kevin Spacey was, because of allegations of sexual abuse against him, he decided to delete it from the last cut. For the last snapshot, Wahlberg charges $ 1.5 million, while Williams received the unusual $ 1,000.

In total, he had charged five million and she 625 thousand dollars to the star. Thanks to media pressure, at that time, the actor decided to donate his cache to the Time & # 39; s Up Initiative.

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