The exchange of Twitter & # 39; Bring It On & # 39; by Ariana Grande & Gabrielle Union is as iconic as the Woved 2000 movie

adminNovember 22, 2018

In preparation for the release of his next album. Thanks, next, Ariana Grande has been offering interesting details about the project, which has paid homage to some of the most emblematic films of the 2000s, including: Bad girls, 13 going from 30, Y Legally Blonde. After recently sharing photos of recreated scenes of Go ahead, Grande and Gabrielle Union had a Twitter exchange That will surely make the fans of the film extremely cheerful.

After Grande published the last track of the narrative of his video, which showed a snapshot of Five women dressed in East Compton Clover clothes, Union intervened to show its support to Grande and his next project. The new mother, who played the role of Isis in the film, went on Twitter with her response, sharing:

"Why yes, I am a clover from East Compton? We will meet today @ArianaGrande, I will bring the blow"

Grande, who has created a great anticipation for the release of the video with his daily revelations, seemed surprised by Union's response, responding to the tweet with "I'm going to faint".

In recent days, many of Grande's suggestions have involved the singer disguising herself as movie characters while subtitling her publications with famous quotes. In other cases, he has simply posted movie images along with the words "thanks, next." There was also a time when Grande shared a photo of herself with actress Jennifer Coolidge, who played BFF Paulette de Elle in Legally Blonde. In the photo, Coolidge is dressed as her character, which leads many to believe that she can even make a cameo in the visual.

As the fourth of his theatrical revelations, which comes before the debut of the secret project, Grande & # 39; s Go ahead In particular, the tribute followed his example by lending a line from the movie that fans will remember. Along with a photo of her dressed in a suit of joy of Bulls, Great subtitled,

"I transferred from Los Angeles, your school does not have a gym equipment in this resort … well, I've never acclaimed before, so what?"

Then followed the post with a picture of a group of girls dressed in the rival squad of the Bulls, the uniforms of the East Compton Clovers. Continuing the trend of adding the name of her song to the Easter eggs she is sharing for the new project, Grande subtitled "East Compton shamrocks." Gracias, siguiente "

While it seems clear that the iconic 00 films are likely to play an important role in his upcoming "Thank U, Next" music video, only three of the four films were known to this day. Go ahead to reveal. Despite Coolidge's participation in the photo shoot, it remains unclear if any of the actors in the films mentioned will appear in the video or if there will be other surprises to come when the video finally arrives.

However, Reese Witherspoon, who played Elle in the Legally Blonde The film franchise seems to support Grande's plan to recreate scenes from the film. the Big lies star offered her support after Grande published a photo of her channeling Elle on a treadmill exercising with her orange Mac laptop. The photo, which was subtitled with one of Elle's signature lines, "Who said the orange was the new rose was seriously disturbed," prompted Witherspoon to share a screenshot of the photo in Instagram's story. In her title, Witherspoon wrote, "severe legally blonde vibes," while labeling Grande and adding a series of heart emojis.

Grande responded by sharing gratitude for Witherspoon and publishing her own story: "Wait until you see the rest!" Thank you for creating one of the most iconic, necessary and brilliant female roles of all time.

With the nostalgia and support of Gabrielle Union and Reese Witherspoon of the 2000s on their side, Grande's "Thank U, Next" project is preparing to be one of the best.

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