The end of Friss or die is overdramatic!

adminDecember 30, 2018

Is it worth turning on?

Yes, definitely. "Eat or Die" is one of the better Swiss "crime scenes". The annoying Swiss problem of synchronization has been solved this time with a single trick: The protagonist is German, with the whole high-speaking conversation. Thus only small parts had to be reworked. Although history plays more or less again in real time – as in the experiment "The music dies last" earlier this year – but this time everything was well arranged, equipped with cuts and recorded from several camera aspects, as that is the experienced crime scene used.

The excitement is entertainingly spiked with realistic characters, exciting all the way to the end and accompanied by good music. Admittedly, the idea of ​​showing chamber games during a kidnapping scene is nothing but new. Still, one always likes to see that a desperate action degenerates more and more. The only downside: the over-dramatic end, where the decision makers might have beaten the severity …

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