The emotional tribute of Mandy Moore on Instagram to her cat who died before her wedding is heartbreaking

adminNovember 20, 2018

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith were officially married on Sunday, November 18, and it seems to have been a joyous celebration, according to all reports. But there is a member of the family who unfortunately was not there for his big day. Mandy Moore's cat died the day before her wedding. People informed And the We are star shared a sincere post on Instagram about what her cat, Madeline, meant to her during their time together.

As Moore explained in her Instagram post, Madeline had an "enlarged heart" and suffered from heart failure. The actor and singer wrote of his cat,

"This weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions in every way, sometimes life does not think you have big plans going on, sometimes the earth just falls under you, we lost our sweet Madeline very suddenly on Saturday night and my heart is so absolutely broken. "

Moore continued to share that Madeline also taught her some lessons, noting that her sweet little girl never got upset when she needed pills or allergy shots. She wrote,

"She never defended him against us … as if she knew we were trying to help her feel better … Animals are really the best teachers … Thanks for the lessons of patience, responsibility and unconditional love, Madeline."

Moore's publication includes a video and several photos of Madeline over the years. She clearly meant a lot to the We are Star, and it seems that the memory of your wedding weekend will always include a bittersweet feeling due to the passing of your beloved pet. Moore also said that he was able to hold Madeline when he "took his last breath", so there is no doubt that his beautiful friend felt surrounded by love.

According to People and E! News, Moore and Taylor Goldsmith were married on Sunday at a private ceremony in Los Angeles. MY! reports that only about 50 guests attended the wedding of Moore and Goldsmith, although several of its members We are Costars were in attendance. Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown attended the wedding, according to E!, As did Wilmer Valderrama and Minka Kelly.

Moore left with Goldsmith, a member of the Dawes band, for more than two years before they became engaged in September 2017, E! famous. She marked her two year anniversary in July 2017 with a sweet photo of the two together. And based on how happy she and Goldsmith are in Moore's wedding photo on Monday, it seems their love has only strengthened since then.

The wedding of Moore and Goldsmith looked absolutely beautiful, and it will surely be a day that will always have a special place in their hearts. While the weekend included a heartbreaking loss, it also marked a new beginning for the actor. Based on what Moore said in her post, as well as what she has posted on Instagram in the past, she will never forget the link she and Madeline had.

In April of 2017, Moore shared a photo of Madeline with her other pets. "Every day is the # national national day in my world, life is exponentially better thanks to these guys," Moore wrote at the time. Clearly there is a special place in your heart for all your animals, and Madeline's memory will never be forgotten.

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