The emotional reason why Becky G prefers to speak in English

adminDecember 29, 2018

The American singer of Mexican origin Becky G has been questioned more than one occasion for not speaking fluent Spanish.

But tired of reading negative comments against her for this reason and the continuing questions as to why despite a latina not having a complete Spanish command, the young woman has decided to break the silence and explain the world why communicating in English and singing on Spanish.

Interpreter of topics such as No pajamas or Booty He has used his Instagram profile where he has shared several videos where his mother also appears to make the story known for the choice of his native language, defending himself from criticism from his critics.

We had a child with autism who could never speak, so we chose English so he would understand it

Becky G They have confessed that every time they speak in Spanish, they receive criticism since it mixes more accents, which is why they prefer to communicate in English.

And for his mistreatment of Spanish it has been his mother who has clarified why the girl does not have so much Spanish level.

"I had a girl and I had her here in the US where her native language was English, and there she started to speak some Spanish, but it was very difficult for her to learn both because we had a child with autism who could never speak. and we chose to speak in English so he understood it a little better, "Mother said Becky G, to continue explaining: "Then it was one of the things we native to all our children: to speak a language." It was not to blame Becky, it was something I and his father chose. "

After revealing this story, Becky G and her mother has appreciated all the support she has received from other latinos Dad yankee, Maluma, Thalia or Jennifer Lopez at the time of learning more vocabulary in Spanish and cultural contribution of each of them.

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