The emotional gesture that Loredana Groza made for her father

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Loredana Groza loves her family. "My parents cheered me even though they were not rich. They tried to please me. If I wanted a doll, I asked Santa to bring it to me. And they made an effort to get it. I am good and always teach me well, "said the artist a few years ago. Now it's her turn to do something for her parents. Previous days, picture reporters Click! they surprised Loredana's father from the villa in Pipera where the soloist lives with her husband, Andrei Boncea, and their daughter Elena.

But Vasile Groza did not go on foot, but with a great BMW X5, worth 50,000 euros, driven by a driver. Look, Lori treats his father's reign! Vasile Groza went to a post office, just in the Tineretului area.

By leaving the post office, Father Loredana had not found his car parked in the same place and had to look for it for about 10 minutes, a bet quite high for the 81-year-old. Vasile Groza is known not only because he is the father of the star Loredana Groza, but also a famous and well-known poet and prose writer.

He has published four poems and has written many children's plays. He was also awarded the Diplom of Excellence in Culture awarded by the Apollon Cultural Society for full literary activities in 2010. Until resignation, Vasile Groza worked at the Onesti Industrial Factory, and his wife was a teacher. Currently, they both care about their grandchildren: Loredana's daughter, Elena (20 years old), and the boy of Cristi Groza, the artist's brother.

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