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* Hani Adel: I saw many videos about "schizophrenia" in order to perform personally
* Khalid Al-Hajar: The events in the film resemble the real event that occurred in the construction of Imobilia
* Nahed al-Sibai: The character of "mercy" influential in the events of the film, and I do not reject the request of director Khaled Al-Hajar

The film "The Crime of Imobilia" experienced a large audience during its performance in the Grand Opera Theater at the 40th Cairo Film Festival. Sami Sabri, Hussein Fahmy, Elham Shahin, Hadi Karim, Producer Mohamed El Adal, Director Abu Bakr Shawky, Amr El-Leithy and Lamis Hadidi.

The filmmakers returned to respond to Karbit from 5:30 am before the film started, and they are director Khaled Al-Hajar and producer Khaled Youssef and film heroes Hani Adel, Nihad Sibai, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud and Tarek Abdel Aziz.

The film began with a short talk about the film's story, which was filmed in the famous Emopolis building in the center of Cairo, where director Khaled Al-Hajar lives. He wrote a banner at the beginning of the show, confirming that the film's story is inspired by the author's imagination. The truth is quite random, but in the symposium that followed the film, performed by critic Rami Abdel Razek, Al-Hajar said that the story resembles the fact that this architecture was about a famous author who lived in it, but with different details.

Hani Adel, the whole of the film, said that the personality of Kamal Hilmi demanded that he see many videos related to the patient's schizophrenia and that the personal disease developed with the incident line and increased severity and gravity, which required a lot of effort to act for to play the role as the beginning of his way of speaking and his movements on and his emotional and emotional and body language.

The presence of Hani Adel in all the scenes in the film, which made him the focus of the main story that belongs to the film's quality in the drama, and said Nahed Sibai, who appeared in a few scenes, but the foundation of the story, and did not feel the absence of the film championship because they existed throughout the film by talking that it was the first crime of the famous writer and that its role is essential and at the request of director Khaled Al-Hagar did not hesitate to approve.

Similarly, the artist Ahmad Abdullah Mahmoud said that when he was shown, the film felt that a new film trend was being played and that little role did not affect his approval, but agreed immediately, while the audience praised the friend's friend's friend, played by the artist Tariq Abdul Aziz.

A discussion was held between the filmmakers and a number of audiences. The most prominent of them was Fatima Naout, who discussed details about the hero Kamal Helmi, and Hani Adel's ability to find the personality of the patient suffering from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia mixed with autism functions.

Imobilias crime is about more murders that took place in the famous architecture of several art stars, especially Laila Mourad and Anwar Wagdy. The latter were Kamal Helmi, who suffered from family problems and circumstances that caused him mental illness. In his apartment, and his attempt to conceal the incident, causing several subsequent crimes.

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