The Duchess of Sussex reveals the secret of staying calm on her wedding day

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Meghan and Harry traded alliances on May 19 in Windsor.


January 11, 2019, 10:57

With the whole world eyes on Meghan on the day of the marriage with the prince HarryOn May 19, in Windsor, it would be obvious if she revealed she had been nervous. However, he admitted that he had taken a trick that allowed him to overcome that day with many emotions.

The talk came during her visit to Smart Works, an institution that supports women of long-term unemployment, as the Duchess of Sussex is protecting. Marina Novis, coach of this project, preparing for the job interviews, said Meghan shared some important tips during one of the visits she made to the organization in 2018. "It's fun because last year someone talked about trust and asked her how do you keep trust when you feel shy?" "And she replied," I'll take on a big role. The most important thing is to take a deep breath and have inner confidence. That's the most important thing. & # 39; ", he revealed.

The same source also revealed what qualities Meghan will make her an excellent patron in the association. She researches a lot. That's why I'm so impressed. It's not an honor, she's very worried ", he added and added "She is great to talk to the candidates because she really listens and asks very relevant questions".

Remember, this is not the only reason why the Prince's daughter-in-law Carlos will support. According to the official statement of Kensington Palace, "The Duchess is pleased to be patronized by national organizations that are part of the UK's identity and are eager to work with them to attract more public attention to their causes".

The National Theater, Commonwealth College Association, Mayhew Endangered Animal Rescue Association and Smart Works, an institution that supports the usability of women with disabilities are the entities that Meghan will come up with and "reflects the causes that have always been linked".

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