The Duchess and Prince Harry begin their tour of Australia

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IF YOU needed a confirmation that the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex will be safe on your trip, look no further:

Police snipers have been placed on top of the Opera House in preparation for the arrival of the royal couple.
There is a strong security presence outside of the Sydney Opera House on the ground as well.

Dozens of uniformed police and plainclothes officers have been sweeping the area for hours with sniffer dogs. Meanwhile, real fans have had to undergo X-ray checks to gain access to the Opera House courtyard before taking their places along the metal barricades.

There are also several police cars with flashing lights that block the path of the Opera, as helicopters fly overhead.

Not surprising, considering all the security measures Meghan and Harry have to deal with on a daily basis.

Just last month, the Daily Star revealed that they were always referred to by their initials of official titles "DS" for Duke or Duchess of Sussex.

One source said it was "too risky" for his bodyguards to refer to them by their real names, in case their details fell into the wrong hands.

The report noted that "if someone seized a phone belonging to a real assistant or member of the security team, they will not find the names of Harry Windsor and Meghan" because it is "too risky" to store the couple's personal data in a mobile.

Hours before the couple arrived at the Admiralty House this morning, an official caravan of 11 police motorcycles was ready and waiting to escort them to the building.

The snipers will remain stationed at the top of the Opera House while the couple prepares to see a performance by the Bangarra Dance Company, before embarking on a walk to meet emblematic people.

But well, they are not the most controversial thing that has been seen in the building last week.


The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex have come down the stairs of the Opera House, where thousands of fans have been waiting to join them.

The couple took a boat to the building around 11.30 in the morning this morning, where they saw a dance performance by Bangarra Dance Company.

The duchess added a raincoat to the cream-colored dress of Karen Gee with which she began the day, hiding any sign of her hit barely reached.

Many people are giving gifts to the couple, including roses and Australian chocolates, and congratulate them on the announcement of the baby.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have withstood a windy morning in the turbulent waters of Sydney Harbor, and are heading by boat to meet the locals at the Sydney Opera House.

The possibilities of motion sickness replaced any potential morning sickness for the Duchess of Sussex, who was confirmed yesterday that she is pregnant with her first child.

The royal couple boarded Admiral Hudson around 11.25 am and made an approximate 15-minute trip from the Taronga Zoo to the footsteps of Man O 'at the Opera House, where they will see an essay from the Dance Theater of Bangarra before meeting a crowd of admirers.

Despite the rainy days and a dark morning, the clouds began to clear and blue skies appeared before reaching the water.

The couple was late after meeting the koalas and opening a new science facility at the Taronga Zoo and made a quick run to the Opera House, avoiding any scenic spills near the Harbor Bridge.

The duke and the duchess received help from the caretakers and quickly marked the way to the Opera House through the stage door.

They held hands and smiled at the crowd, with Meghan brushing her hair away from her face.

After watching the rehearsal of Bangarra Dance Theater, they will head to the courtyard under the emblematic Opera candles to meet the audience. It will be his first important public appearance since it was announced yesterday that they are expecting their first child.

Royal fans began to form outside the Opera House at 8 am, hoping to secure a privileged spot to see the duke and duchess during the meeting.

James Weir


Sometimes it's the smallest details that can mean the most.

Meghan Markle is wearing the earrings and the diamond and gold bracelet of Princess Diana today, as a tribute to the woman who would have been her mother-in-law.

The detail was picked up by. SunThe correspondent of Royal Emily Andrews.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrived at the Taronga Zoo around 10:30 am.

A pair of koala joeys named in his honor are scheduled to meet with the couple, while the royal couple plans to approach the marsupials while visiting the zoo.

Newborn koalas were named before their nuptials in May as an early NSW wedding gift.

Meghan and Harry were greeted by Premier Gladys Berejiklian of NSW when they arrived.

The couple will be available to help open a new research and education center for students, and to meet with conservation scientists.

The Institute of Science and Learning will house native bilbies and quokkas living in classrooms, and the largest collection of frozen coral cells from the Great Barrier Reef.

The Taronga Zoo is excited to welcome the royal family and confirmed that they would finally come face to face with their hairy homonyms.

A growing crowd of fans is waiting outside to meet the couple when they leave the zoo.

Here is a brief summary of what Meghan and Harry will see when they leave, courtesy of Bronte Coy:



Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrived at Admiralty House just after 9 am.

Governor-General Peter Cosgrove and Lady Cosgrove presented them with a series of small gifts, including a stuffed kangaroo and a pair of Akubra hats.

But it was the third small gift, a pair of baby boots, which brought this touching expression to Prince Harry's face:

People took social networks while their hearts merged collectively for him:

All eyes were on the protrusion of the real baby when the two arrived, and the Duchess of Sussex put on a minimalist white dress by the Australian designer Karen Gee:


Australians everywhere line up in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and of course, the childish bulge.

Today is an opportunity to recreate the history of the Dunsire family.

Mother Pauline and her six-year-old twin daughters, Grace and Willow, drove from the Southern Highlands to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

Almost 30 years ago, Pauline's own mother took her to the Opera to see Princess Diana when she was touring the country.

"We also have to know her," Pauline said.

Grace and Willow hope to meet Meghan and give her flowers, paintings and a letter.

"(In the letter) We congratulate them on the news of their babies and ask them if they are having twins," they laughed.

Alice, 85, of Mosman, was in line and in a privileged position outside the Opera House, very early to see Prince Harry and Meghan.

"I love Harry, I saw him briefly when he was here last time, and Meghan seems to have a lovely personality, I'm very happy for the news of her babies."

Alice is an expert on real tours: she has seen the Queen "always beautiful" six times in Australia, and shared a sweet moment with Prince William on the tour "when I was single".

"We shook hands and he was very nice … but he was stunned, speechless," he said.
She and Erin, both 18, even took a day off from studying for the HSC, which begins on Thursday, to try to meet Harry and Meghan.

His one-hour train ride and his arrival at 8:00 a.m. meant an alarm of 5.45 this morning, but it's worth it for the "real royalty" fanatics.

One hour before the due date of the duke and the duchess, they are still working on what they will tell the couple if they are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

"I think we'll leave with congratulations," Erin said excitedly to

Jordan Ilencik, 14, made a mistake today at the school to deliver a very special message, and flowers, to Meghan.

"I want Meghan's attention," he said, dressed in his best attire. "I want to give her a hug, she's just a beautiful person.

"I'm going to give you the flowers and I'll show you my cute charm."

Yesterday's news of a real baby just made him feel more excited.

"I was so happy for her, I wish it was me," he said.

And while his mother let him down for the day, there were rules. "I have to be home at 4".

– James Weir and Bronte Coy

"They were so down to earth"

Anna Quinn, liaison officer and volunteer of the Invictus Games, was at the reception of the Casa del Admiralty this morning.

She described the experience as "wonderful" and said it was a "true privilege" to be a part of the occasion.

"They were simply lovely," he told of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. "Very practical and very friendly, and they had lovely chats with us".

She said that Meghan looked "fantastic", but did not refer to the news of the real baby.

Vanessa Brown


The first locals began archiving through security and aligning the metal barricades at the base of the Opera House.

Construction workers are putting the finishing touches to the railing and platforms.

Despite the impending chaos, some determined Sydneysiders are not leaving a real visit with their usual routines.

The morning runners have been checked for safety only to complete their usual race along the harbor.

– James Weir

"I'm so happy for him"

The Royal Tour would not be complete without the visit of the woman who stole the heart of Prince Harry.

Daphne Dunne, the 98-year-old war widow who stole a kiss from Harry when she visited him in 2015, is camping outside the Opera House waiting for him.

"I do not think I've changed much," she said. the Today is the show this morning. When asked what makes him so special, she said, "Oh, he's a natural, he just loves what he's doing, seems to fit in with everything he says, I'm very happy for him, I'm glad he now has a wife, and soon a bubba. "

Oh, and she also said that he smells "pretty good".

When asked what the couple was talking about during their 2015 meeting, she said she was attracted to Victoria Cross, her late husband, who was wearing it.

"He said:" That's what attracted me here. "I said:" Well, you should, because your mother, you know, produces them for us. "She said:" I'm glad I've I come".

"And we were chatting for a while and they said, 'We have to leave, we have to leave,' and he did not worry about that, he just continued with what he was doing, that he was talking to me, and then, when He started to leave, he gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then he came back later and gave me another because he was twisted, and I had to kiss him to give me the reason. "

When asked if she had any gifts for them, Daphne said: "Flowers and you will be very, very happy. I think that is more important than any gift: to wish them happiness. "

To bless.

"We had no idea that they came"

The engaged couple Diego Wang, 22, and Hannah Li, 25, thought it would be a "quiet day" to take some photographs before the wedding on the steps of the Opera House.

"We had no idea that they were coming," Wang laughed at the royal couple's visit to the port.

"We thought it would be quiet and not too many people, but when we got here we found out they were coming."

The students, who will marry at their home in China next year, decided two months ago to take professional photographs in their wedding dresses in front of the emblematic landmark.

Arriving at the Opera House in a robe and suit, they are the only couple that could attract the attention of royalty today.

Locals have been arriving slowly this morning, going through the security checkpoints to find the best observation spots when the Duke and Duchess arrive by boat later today.

– James Weir


An official caravan of 11 police motorcycles arrived at Admiralty House in Kirribilli, Sydney, just before 7.30 in the morning, escorting two vehicles through the front doors.

The duties have started well and truly, with about 20 police officers directing the doors ahead of the first official engagement of Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Governor General Peter Cosgrove.

Volunteers have arrived at the site, but all are declining to comment at this stage.

Vanessa Brown


When Duchess Meghan told the royal family the news of her baby, her mother, Doria, was excited.

The 62-year-old girl issued a statement last night saying she was "very happy for this beautiful news and that she hopes to welcome her first grandchild."

But according to the royal reporters, Kensington Palace declined to comment on whether Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, had also been informed in advance.

Now, the sources claim that he did not find out until the Palace of Kensington announced it to the world last night.

"Meghan did not tell Thomas Markle about the pregnancy," said one source. We weekly Just hours after the announcement. "He found out at the same time as the rest of the world."

Meghan's tense relationship with her father has been well known since the wedding. The 74-year-old has previously referred to the royal family as "cult" and compared them to the Church of Scientology, and did not attend the couple's nuptials.

In contrast, the source said that Meghan gave her mother Doria Ragland the good news immediately.

"Doria is delighted with the news of her first grandchild," the source said. Us. "Doria has been helping Meghan through this time in her life immensely, Meghan is really looking for Doria for all the advice in everything she does."

Thomas was seen only buying groceries in San Ysidro, California, when the couple announced the news to the royal family on Friday, the day of Princess Eugenia's wedding.

He was seen buying beer, cakes and firewood from the store near his home in Rosarito, Mexico, and he seemed to be in a very good mood, The Daily Mail reports.


Pippa Middleton, very pregnant, saw the arrival of the Lindo Wing maternity unit, only days after the royal wedding.

It is said that the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister joined the private hospital with her financial husband, James Matthews, Sun reports.

Hubby James was shown carrying two travel bags when they entered the wing: a £ 78 Cam Cam Copenhagen baby change bag and another travel bag.

Eyewitnesses say Pippa, 35, was seen smiling as she entered the Lindo Wing, where her nephews were born Prince George and Prince Louis and niece Princess Charlotte.

Pippa already visited the exclusive Ala Lindo, where Kate Middleton gave birth to her three children.

The Duchess of Cambridge posed on the steps of the room with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, shortly after each of their births.

It is believed that the Ala Lindo is valued at £ 7500 per night ($ AU14,000).

The expensive neighborhood is popular with members of the royal family, since Princess Diana has her two children there, and she also stopped to take pictures on the steps with Prince William and Harry.

Pippa and James were spotted visiting the wing, at St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, which is a stone's throw from their £ 17 million ($ AU31.3 million) mansion in Chelsea before their pregnancy.

– Lauren Fruen


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is pregnant with her first child and will give birth in the British spring next year.

The confirmation ends with days of speculation about whether the 37-year-old boy and Prince Harry, 34, were about to become parents.

The world has gone crazy for the happy news, but the Australians will be the first to congratulate the couple in person, and royalty will begin their 16-day tour of Australia today.

Rumors have been floating since Princess Eugenia's wedding on Friday, where Meghan was wearing a baggy blue coat. When he did not take off his jacket in the church, speculations began.

The rumors continued when the couple landed in Sydney yesterday and pictured Meghan carrying a stack of binders in front of her stomach.

"Victoria" is the best of the bookies in the names of the girls, while "James" is leading the way for children.


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