The dose of fun in the women's set has risen! Seray Kaya didn't hurt this time …

adminJanuary 10, 2019

As with all broadcasts of the TV series, the women's construction had to pause for a short time due to an agreement between both the New Year Week and the channel and the advertising companies. But fortunately for the new part of the series, counting down on the impatience of the audience for the news coming from the news series to the most popular series of women, the season began after the season to resume shooting. The Fox TV screen moved to the screen of the key characters in the cast of the Seray Kaya social platform through the audience, shared the audience, laughing laughter. Famous actor Seray Kaya, Feyyaz Duman, who played a leading role in the series' throwing snowball, appeared fun and fun.

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Seray Kaya, who took on the sweet character of the women's series, took a video of her friend, Feyyaz Duman, who played Arif. Feyyaz Duman, Seray Kaya's snowman made him meet the laughter, however, entered the t-shirt into the snow and tried to clean. Seray Kaya, who shared with & # 39; & # 39; Story & # 39; & # 39; part of Instagram, "He made a point on me, it wouldn't be so Feyyazcım"in the form of expressions.

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