The dismissals of MeToo in Argentina

adminDecember 28, 2018

(CNN Spanish) – 2018 was the year #MeToo in Argentina.

This year, several women went out to make public dismissal of sexual abuse against personalities in public life in the country. Terminations triggered others, and the discussion on violence against women was laid on the table in Argentina, a country that in turn is hit by the wave of femicides and where a woman is killed every 32 hours, according to La Casa del Encuentro's organization.

Only in December were at least three women public to report that they had been the victims of sexual harassment or abuse.

One of these cases happened recently with Thelma Fardín. The 24-year-old actress criminally condemned actor Juan Darthés for rape. Fardín said that a few weeks ago the events had occurred in 2009, when she was still young and went on a trip to promote the soap opera Patito Feo, both of which were participants.

"For nine years I canceled it to continue," she said in a video posted on social networks a few weeks ago. The actress added that the fact that other women condemned the actor encouraged her to make the case public.

The legal process of Thelma Fardin to condemn Darthés in Nicaragua

Juan Darthés defended himself against the charges and said that Fardín's version was not true. In an interview with the A24 media, the actor told another version and said she was the one who insinuated him and eventually took her out of the hotel room. "I never raped anyone," he said.

A week later, Darthés Argentina left Sao Paulo, Brazil, a goal which, according to his lawyer Fernando Burlando, is enforcing his rights, while for Fardín and his defense, even if it does not constitute a crime, there is a maneuver to prevent justice because Darthés was born in Brazil, a country that does not emit compatriots.

MIRA: So Juan Darthes defended himself: "I never did, I never did anyone"

In the case of Darthés, three other actors also accused him of harassment: Calu Rivero, Ana Coacci and Natalia Juncos had already made public charges of harassment against the actor, but they never brought him to court for personal reasons. The complaint filed by Thelma Fardin would be the first of a criminal nature.

And in response to these public redundancies from Rivero, Coacci and Juncos, Darthés condemned them for "insult and insults". CNN learned through the court 39 that for these appeal proceedings has been carried out between the parties without reaching an agreement, they will therefore go to court.


Days after Darthés was known, politicians were also accused of violence against women.

In mid-December, Claudia Mabel Guebel, an employee of the Argentine Congress, sent a criminal complaint against Senator Juan Carlos Marino for harassment and sexual abuse.

"He didn't try, he did," Guebel said in a dialogue with a local radio station when he asked if the senator had tried to touch her. "There was no attempt here."

"These are the right moments to say things that they are, each one is responsible for their actions," he added.

After a few days of silence, the senator refused to accuse him of reading a letter at the beginning of plenary.

"I refuse to have had, with regard to the complainant, a situation like the one who has been condemned in the case, as it is good to say that I have not been formally informed, but I have taken notice through the media," said the senator last 19. December.

Marino added that he cooperated with the justice in the investigation against him and made available his "forum as a senator for the nation".

And these days another woman accused another politician, this time a senator in the province, of sexual abuse.

Teff Solange, a militant in the youth group La Campora, accused the public affairs case of the Senator from the province of Buenos Aires, Jorge Romero, for having played her in the bathroom and pushing her to have oral sex; According to his story, he did not practice oral sex. The events she said happened in 2017. Public accusation was made "thanks to the courage" of Thelma Fardín when she condemned Darthés, according to her Facebook account on December 13.

After the complainants, Romero did not make specific reference to the case, but said it would "go beyond my political responsibility" for the party to implement the protocol and said it had "macho practice" that would work normally when he said on his Twitter account.

"I am a man raised in a patriarchal society and I am a political activist with responsibility." From this site and in light of the visibility work that my colleagues in the organization have done, I can see that I previously had sexist practices that at that time seemed natural, "he wrote on his Twitter account." Therefore, I have decided to go apart from my political responsibility to submit to the processes determined by the application of the protocol that the organization has generated for these cases. "

In a statement, the party referred to Solange's complaint and said that Romero was eliminating some responsibility in society for these behaviors.

"After the public dismissal of Jorge Romero, the provincial senator, who until then was the political leader of the province of Buenos Aires, the organization defined the immediate application of the protocol, thereby removing all political responsibilities within the organization, and cannot participate in militant rooms as long as the application lasts says the statement issued on December 18.

"We get involved in any situation that took public status, but we can't ignore the media operation set as a political advantage by power groups who are not interested in women's integrity," the statement added.

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