The disguise of the group of Victoria's angels Secret of Kardashians won Halloween and the Internet passed away

adminOctober 31, 2018

It is officially Halloween and the angels are trembling at this moment because the KarJenner clan is giving them an opportunity for their money during these festive times. Sisters Kardashian and Jenner joined as Victoria's Secret angles for a group costume and you will not be able to handle all this glamor.

Whether you are a follower of the family or not, you can not turn a blind eye to their sick Halloween costumes. It is the only time we most appreciate the fact that they are charged to be honest. Because when it comes to Halloween, there is no such thing as "doing more".

The girls came out with all the white lace and tacks, channeling different types of angels with, of course, their oversized angel wings for a little more drama.

While most of them opted for a set of multiple angelic pure white pieces, Kylie decided to stir things up a bit with a bare bra and a tight, tight-fitting cat suit that shone with the flash of a paper camera.

Although Kendall is the only sister who has fully experienced the full effect of being an VS Angel, debuting on the catwalk at the VS Fashion Show in 2017, her sisters tasted the seductive glory.

Daily Mail shared exclusive photos via Twitter in a disappointingly sexualized tweet that showed all of KarJenner's angels strutting in clear transparent bombs and white wings.

Each of the Victoria & # 39; s Secret custom wing sets had its own identity among the pack to differentiate one from the other.

Kim and Kendall got fluffy wings, although Kim is locked on the side and dragged on the ground to create a train effect, while Kendall remained erect. Kylie's wings were much shorter than the rest of her sisters, resting on her waist and older sister Kourtney rocked a replica of the wings that little sister Kendall wore on the VS show. However, curiously, Khloe's wings were not actually wings, but a large furry shawl to deceive the eye. Well played, Khlo Money.

Not all the sisters have shared their individual costumes, but they will surely come with a memorable touch. Kendall and Kylie seemed to be coordinating, both dressing Barbie pink for their costumes. Kendall wore a FemBot suit inspired by the character in the movie Austin Powers.

Kylie, however, recently uploaded her Barbie costume without a box, as well as the Barbie doll from Mattel's 25th anniversary.

And if you're in the mood to feel more spoiled for Kardshian Halloween, Kylie and Khloe also dressed to match with their babies. Khloe and her daughter True kept their "Mommy & Me" costumes with a matching unicorn costume. Outside the cocoon, Kylie and Stormi, on the other hand, were dressed in pink and black butterfly wing tights. The photos are very nice, you will want your own baby to combine with your disguise. But there is no pressure.

The KarJenner family may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying that they kill Halloween every year. Periodt

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