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adminDecember 28, 2018

One has often separated the Swiss film as a problem child. He prescribed recipes, printed manifests, and put on subsidies. Looking back to the year 2018, you may think that not much has changed in the result. The market share of Swiss film is 6.5 per cent (2017: 6.74 per cent). But the numbers are deceptive. The Swiss film, which this year was barely close to the audience except "Wolkenbruch" and "Papa Moll", went miserable. The balance seems just passable because the work from other countries (mainly America) also has catastrophic races.

To see the extent of the tragedy, which became apparent early, one must look at the absolute figures. In the first half of 2018, cinema recordings in Germany were reduced by a dramatic 18 per cent. The result is still on hold, but the forecasts show a weak picture: According to the industrial association Procinema, compared with 2017, where 13.9 million entries were spoken, approx. 1.4 million tickets (minus 10.4 percent) less.

According to the newspaper "Le Temps", which, unlike Procinema, also included country cinemas, minus even 2.2 million concessions. That would be a minus of 16 percent. Anyway, since the beginning of the statistical surveys in 1980, it has never been so low.

Too much action from Hollywood

What is this crisis because of? In the industry one hears: The weather was too good, the leisure facilities were too big, the competition for streaming services was too big, and in the summer the soccer world championships also came. It is true, but the external conditions are only partially able to explain today's hangover.

The fact is that even the usual film supply left a lot to be desired. Kitag boss Philippe Täschler, one of the largest Swiss cinema operators, already criticized in the spring that Hollywood Schiele produces too much in the Asian market and too little for the European market. Thanks to China's cinema boom and the partial market opening for foreign works, Hollywood put on action movies, and other genres were missed. From romantic comedies, who do not like in Asia, almost nothing to see in this country.

Influence of superheroes

It was very different. In 1998, the English-American love story "Notting Hill" in Switzerland shone from seat 1, the film changed through the Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough". Bond films are disproportionately popular in Switzerland, and a bond year was automatically a strong year. In 2018, Topfilm is called "Bohemian Rhapsody", but the Queen's biography has not even reached more than half of the Notting Hill entry numbers.

This reveals a basic problem: surprising hits based on original ideas such as "Notting Hill" are almost extinct today. Nine films of the current Swiss Top 10 are based on templates, so they are either sequels, literary adaptations, remakes or spin-offs. The reason: The risk of a flop has become too large for the studios.

Instead, more and more of them are produced, which are already known or popular, especially in relation to superheroes. In the United States, it is a real craze for this species. The first place went to "Black Panther" in 2018. Many other superhero films ("Avengers: Infinity War", "Deadpool 2", "Ant-Man and Wasp", "Aquaman") helped the American cinema market achieve a spectacularly best result in year.

For comparison, in Switzerland "Black Panther", it's only 13. That doesn't mean the superhero films will run badly here, but they are just conditional guarantees for success – and mass compatible options are simply not enough. Still, the number of monitors is constantly increasing. Over the next two years, more than fifty new cinemas will open nationwide. This development can be found paradoxically, it will come more and more to a cutthroat competition.

More diversity is needed

What are the options? Surely some recipes will be written in the near future and manifests will be written. However, two points seem particularly urgent.

First, Hollywood needs more genre diversity. It may be required, because the Swiss cinema industry is not alone, affecting the loss of viewers of other European countries (Germany has a loss of 16 percent).

Second, Switzerland needs more entertainment. Movies such as Cloudburst, Divine Order, La vie de Courgette or Schellen-Ursli have shown that domestic boxers' success can work in different ways.

Only: These films are the exception year after year. Of almost eighty Swiss movie premiere a year, only one or two films attract the movies to the cinema. How it can succeed once or four is on an unwritten paper. (Editors Tamedia)

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