The director of the next Hellboy promises a more mature movie and reveals a shooter

adminNovember 27, 2018

Scheduled May 8 next, next HellBoy Mike Mignola's fans of comics and fans of the two previous films are eager to wait for him. We now know that actor David Harbor will hold the title role. And the least we can say is that the sheriff of Stranger Things took muscle (even helped by dress)!

It's the Empire magazine that shared this image that shows the prince of the underworld obviously determined to fight. This new album directed by Neil Marshall will tell us the story of his fight against the Queen Song Army, which intends to take control of the country. The latter will be embodied by Milla Jovovich, who has recently been photographed in the adaptation of video games. Monster Hunter.

The director has also trusted the magazine on the film, which was postponed in September last year. He explains that the latter should be "More violent and bloody" than the previous ones. We understand better why he received Classifying Classification in the United States. this «Back to original material» did not "Be handcuffed around your hands" according to interested party. This will reassure those who feared good treatment of this character … colorful.

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