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adminOctober 15, 2018

The tragic death of Mac Miller seriously affected his ex, Ariana Grande, and was an important factor in his separation from Pete Davidson. This is why.

Ariana Grande still staggering after the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, in September. Although Ari's fiancé, Pete DavidsonHe was at his side after the tragic death of Mac, their relationship could not withstand the trauma he suffered, and it was learned that the couple had separated and ended their commitment on October 14. Apparently, Mac's death made Ariana realize. she "could not be totally committed in her relationship with Pete, and [that] he had rushed to an imminent marriage too fast to commit, "according to the TMZ. The site adds that Ariana was left with an "emotional accident" after Mac's apparent overdose, which was the "turning point that led to" her separation from Pete.

"They just really decided it's better now that they're separated," said a source close to Ariana. Hollywoodlife EXCLUSIVELY. "Yes, this is related to the death of Mac, in addition to the bombing of Manchester [at her concert in 2017]. Not only do you lead life as always after having experienced so much trauma in such a short time. Ariana needs healing She needs to order her head, along with her emotions and feelings. She has gone through two absolutely frightening and emotionally damaging events and Pete can not "fix" it, they both know it, no matter how much love they have for each other. "

Ariana and Mac ended their relationship in April, and she made it clear on social media that her drug use and her "inability to keep her ass" together is what caused the split. A few days later, she was romantically linked with Pete, and in May they had engaged. When Mac died, Ariana went to Instagram to apologize for not being able to "fix or take". [his] far away "

In the end, Ariana was too exhausted to lose her old love, and she made the first move to end her relationship with Pete, according to TMZ. According to reports, he respected his decision, and both decided to separate.

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