The death of British filmmaker Nicolas Roeg

adminNovember 26, 2018

Britain's Nicolas Roeg, director and director of photography of several remarkable films, died on Friday night at the age of 90, the son told his British media. Born in London in 1928, Nicolas Roeg specifically directed Mick Jagger in the film "performance"released in 1970, and David Bowie in"The man who fell to the ground"(The man who came from elsewhere) a few years later.

BBC notes Saturday that the film maker is especially famous for his psychological thriller "Do not look now"("Do not go back"in VF), which was shocked when it was released in 1973 for a six scene that was very realistic. Christ circulated at that time so the scene could be real. Mixer genres follow the film a few incarnated by Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, who leave Venice after the child's death.

British Film Institute celebrated Nicolas Roeg on Twitter Saturday, saying that the man was "a groundbreaking power of cinema"who has"created moments of beauty, terror and sadness among the most moving we have ever seen".

Nicolas Roeg started at the bottom of the film industry, first picked up a job to … make tea and rock Marylebone Studios. He then went behind the camera as a cameraman and then director of photography.

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