The day that "Juan Valdez" appeared in a Hollywood movie

adminDecember 29, 2018

Carlos Sánchez Jaramillo, the second man who played the character of the coffee machine Juan Valdez, died 83 years ago in Medellin (Northwest) due to a respiratory situation, the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) reported.

"The National Federation of Coffee Growers and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Antioquia deplore the loss of Carlos and express their condolences to his wife Alma Cataño as he shared 60 years of marriage, his two children and two grandchildren," said the unit. a statement.

Sánchez, born by Fredonia, in the department of Antioquia, personalized Juan Valdez for 37 years, between 1969 and 2006, and succeeded in the position of the Cuban actress of Spanish origin José Duval.

Duval, who died in 1993 in the United States because of a heart attack, was the first man to personalize Juan Valdez (1959-1969), the world-famous image representing Colombian coffee lovers and always accompanied by his mule Conchita.

Sánchez was replaced in 2006 by Carlos Castañeda, also from Antioquia, who carries the cereal culture's flag with his iconic outline, hat, career, apron and espadrilles, typical outfits of the coffee group.

To condolences was added to the general manager of FNC, Roberto Velez Vallejo, who in his Twitter account said that Sanchez constituted "the proud character of Juan Valdez around the world."

"A tribute to his memory and an everlasting gratitude from the coffee officers in Colombia for their devotion and hard work for the benefit of Colombian producers," the director added.

Juan Valdez's character was created in 1959 by the American advertising agency Doyle Dan Bernbach at the request of the Andean coffee authorities to represent the Colombian coffee growers and their families.

After Sanchez's death, many have remembered the iconic scene of "Juan Valdez" appearing in the Hollywood movie, El Todopoderoso, with Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston.

In one of the scenes, Carrey, who personifies Bruce & # 39; Almighty & # 39; wants to start working and for that he asks with his strength a good coffee. Immediately, in front of his window, Carlos Sanchez appears "Juan Valdez" in the company of his mule Conchita.

This was the scene:

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