The daughters of Teresa and Joe Giudice promise to fight against his deportation

adminOctober 14, 2018

The real housewives of New Jerseyis Teresa Giudice and husband Joe GiudiceThe daughters are reuniting behind their father as a result of a judge's decision to deport him.

He is serving a sentence of more than 3 years for fraud and is scheduled to be released in March. A judge ruled on Wednesday that the 46-year-old citizen, a permanent resident of the US. UU And native of Italy, he will be removed from the United States after his release from federal prison, without giving a more specific time frame.

On Sunday, one of the four daughters of Teresa and Joe, Milania, 12, posted on her Instagram page two photos of her with her father.

"My dad, who is the best dad in the world, needs to go home," he wrote. "We have not finished fighting with dad, I can not believe this is happening, I can not imagine another day without you, we're going to do everything we can to fight this daddy, I love you with all my heart, my friend." ️❤️❤️❤️❤️ # with a broken heart ".

Teresa, who had served a reduced sentence of 11 months in prison in the case of fraud, commented in her daughter's post, writing: "I love you [heart eyes emoji]"He made his first public comments since the failure of Joe's deportation.

Milania also defended Joe after one person commented that he is a "criminal" and that "he should have thought about its consequences before breaking the law."

"You should take care of your own affairs," he wrote. "He made a mistake … he paid his time and [should] Go back with your family to avoid being deported. So let's fight against this. "

On Friday, his eldest daughter and Teresa's. Gia, 17, posted on his Instagram page a video of a man requesting an appeal of Joe's deportation. The man said the ruling was "racist" and "political."

"Spread the word, I could have said it better myself. ❤️ I love you, dad, let's fight against this!" Wrote gia.

Teresa and Joe are also parents of Gabrielle, who is almost 14 years old, and Audriana, 9.

A source told E! Last week, the news that "Teresa is devastated by the news that Joe will be deported to Italy."

"Although she always knew that this was a possible outcome, Teresa convinced herself that Joe would not be deported," the source said. "Teresa and Joe do not have a current plan for what to do next in their marriage, even though they are committed to finding a way to make this situation work for their family." She hates the idea of ​​taking her children out of their lives and leave them their old father who lives with her to move around the world. "

The sources added that Teresa is being "strong" for her daughters, adding: "Taking care of them and their father is of the utmost importance for Teresa at this time."

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