The daughter of Jackie Chan announces her friend's marriage. This is Dad's position

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Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – 20:48 | Last updated: Wednesday 28 November,

Jackie Chans daughter, Etta Ing, announced her marriage to her Canadian lover, Otman, Tuesday morning (November 25).

Jackie Chan's insane daughter, through her official account on the Instagram website, revealed several pictures she shared with her Canadian lover. The marriage certificate shows that the couple had been married since 8 November.

"There is nothing greater than finding true love, with love we have returned, Hong Kong is a beautiful city full of life and passion, everyone is worth the love, the love hung in the face of hatred can heal the most cruel hearts .. Love Always wins ".

Jackie Chan seems to have decided to ignore the news and has not commented yet.

Eta Eng is the illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan from former worshiper Ellen Eng, who had an illegal relationship with his father during his marriage with her current wife, Joan Lin.

In 2017, Etta Ing decided to intimidate the world actor by publishing a video confirming that she lived homeless because of her sexual orientation.

"We live homeless for a month now because of parents against homosexuality, we almost sleep under a bridge," said Jackie Chan's illegitimate daughter.

Ella's mother, Ella, who had an illegal relationship with her father during marriage with her current wife, Joan Lin, had previously suspended a job.

"I think if they do not have money, they have to find a job, you do not have to imagine a video that tells people they're broken and who's ETA's father." People around the world work hard and do not trust others' reputation to get the money.

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