The daughter of Abdelhalim's sister reveals the truth about his marriage with Suad Hosni

adminNovember 29, 2018

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Al-Hajah Zainab, daughter of the sister of the nightgirl Abdul Halim Hafez, denied rumors about the marriage of her uncle, Souad Hosni.

Zainab said in an interview with al-Masry al-Youm: "Abdel-Halim did not marry Suad, all of us are baseless. We, Halim and his family, lived with him in one place. They were absolutely sure he did not Married to her. What happened is that there are people who said words are not true, such as Professor Mufid Fawzi, and I invite him through a dialogue with you to give evidence to prove the marriage to Halim of Suad. "

She added: "Wajdi al-Hakim also went on a useful road, while many denied the alleged marriage, like Ali Badrakhan and Samir Sabri, and wondered about the produced stories that were not based on evidence, and that was the idea of their owners who appeared near them Halim,.

She said, "All that is rumored by the words of a sender, has no proof and do not forget that Halim is rich and many people try to break into his privacy so they can get fame and money. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of truth and honesty, and the guests of the night, and also for the rehearsals. The other wing was dedicated to the establishment of the Halim family, where Shehata and Ferdos, son of Aunt Halim and my mother, lived there, and later I moved to stay here. By the way, He knew all little things about him, and he was very upset when he heard this. "The others who spoke of these words are not friends to Halim. In fact, Fawzi was not a close friend of Halim, and I just saw him here a few times. "

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