The dark secrets of Marilyn Monroe. The most painful discovery of the actor

adminDecember 26, 2018

Marilyn Monroe is one of the controversial Hollywood actors. Although it has been decades since his death, the stories of the actors' complex personality and charming smile are alive than ever.

Marilyn Monroe's life is again the subject of discussion and controversy because of the latest documentary film that has begun in the actor's world. The movie is called Marilyn Monroe For Sale and will be released on December 23, according to

"The most painful discovery was the realization that Marilyn's greatest desire was to make a family. Everything Marilyn wanted in her life was to have a baby," confirmed Marion Collyer, who had some star games in Some Like It Hot.

Few know she was pregnant while the movie for the previously mentioned film took place. Unfortunately, the actor spontaneously interrupted, leading to deep sadness and attracted the end of the marriage with Arthur Miller.

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