The Czech actor Lubomir Kostelka died

adminNovember 28, 2018

The Czech actor Lubomir Kostelka died

Praha, November 28, 2018 (SITA / HSP / Photo: Pixabay)

At the age of 91, actor Lubomír Kostelka, known especially from Czech comedies, died after a sudden heart attack. The editors of confirmed this to his son Martin Kostelka

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The native of Přerov has performed in many movies, including Shame Hat (1971), Spinat (1977) and Babovresky (2013) and Babovresky 2 (2014). He also performed in adventures, but he also made some valuable films like Chicken Melancholik (1999), which he was nominated for the Czech doctor and Babí léto (2001). He behaved in entertainment or childrens programs and liked to remember his friend Vladimir Menšík, with whom he shared the feeling of recession. He summarized the documentary from the extraordinary life cycle.

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