The criticisms and errors that Metroconcert 2018 again in Cartagena The Universal

adminDecember 31, 2018

Criticism, dissatisfaction and annoyance among some participants was what left Metroconcert in Cartagena, which was held yesterday, December 29, at the Jaime Morón stadium.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the doors to the stadium were opened to welcome the thousands of tourists and locals gathered to enjoy an extra edition of this major event that is part of the city's cultural agenda.

Although it was an excellent list of artists, several of the participants, especially journalists from the local media, expressed their dissatisfaction and stated that they suffered from abuse and offenses by staff.

But that was not all, the problem of sound and amplification was also notorious that did not allow Sebastián Yatra, for example, to continue his show. The scene was quiet and dark for several minutes, while the artist expected to go on stage again.

The sound problems were so obvious that Carlos Vives in the middle of his presentation said "it was not possible for this to happen in such an important event," after he went to sing his voice, he would not hear much.

Another criticism was Ruben Blade's show because, as the international artist, the audience expected him to sing halfway through the event or last, but to the surprise of many, the salsa singer was the first to enjoy his successes. the few assistants who had come to the place.

And the press area?

The so-called "press box" never existed. Hundreds of journalists who participated in the event had to live in an area that, according to the organizers, was an emergency exit, so after several hours of starting the show, the staff began removing them and claiming that they would not be there without the treatment and the words were not adequate , as some communicators claimed to be pressured and insulted by the security and organization law.

In the absence of chairs, more people chose to sit on the floor to rest, but the organizers insisted on removing them, this time to the police. What a shame they made them go!

"According to them, the same businessman gave the order to take the press out of that place. It is not possible that they treat us so badly," one of the journalists on the site said.

Maluma, J Balvin, Sebastián Yatra, Carlos Vives and Poncho Zuleta were responsible for setting the audience to dance and sing, even though they had bitter time, they could finally enjoy the show.

It should be noted that Metroconcert in its sixth version did not register a full house. "Very expensive tickets" or "loss of interest from Cartagena," is what is rumored. We hope, however, that the event in 2019 will have better organization, good treatment for journalists and lower prices at the ticket office and sale of food and drink on site.

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