The Count Trumpula of Jimmy Fallon declares his victory in the 'War on Halloween & # 39;

adminOctober 31, 2018

Jimmy Fallon version of President Donald Trump We celebrate Halloween on Tuesday night declaring victory.

After making Christmas great again and rejoicing in this at a rally this past summer, the false POTUS disguised as "Count Trumpula" to enjoy the "war in the world" of Fake News Media.

"Ivanka sucks your blood," he began as he left a coffin in the Oval Office. "It's me, Count Trumpula, wishing everyone a very happy Halloween, that's right, I said it, happy, Halloween, it's great to be able to say Happy Halloween again, the war is over now."

Count Trumpula proceeded to address the American public about all the most pressing problems in the mid-term election. These are some of our favorite non-presidential proclamations.

"My vampire costume has been a Yuge success, "he said." Throughout the day, people have been screaming at me: "You suck!" "

"Halloween is my favorite holiday, it's the only day when nobody makes fun of you for being covered in toilet paper," joked Trumpula, referring to the time the president of the United States was caught by the camera as he walked towards Air Force One. Toilet paper attached to your shoe.

"Also, it's the day everyone in the country follows the same diet as I. I love Halloween candy," continued Trumpula. "I also love corn candy, it has all the food groups: sweets and corn, and like a bag of Smarties every day I become much smarter than everyone else."

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