The costumes of celebrities winning this halloween.

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Rita Ora did everything possible

For some of us who grew up, a sheet over your head turned you into a ghost, a towel was a superhero's cloak and the toilet paper matched the mummy bandages.

But when you're a celebrity worth millions, Halloween tends to be a little more spectacular.

This year, they have seen some famous faces dressed as superheroes, supernatural beings and other creepy creatures.

So, is your verdict spookily good or scary?

& # 39; Like a rockstaaaar & # 39;

Rita Ora was dressed as Post Malone, with tattoos and all.

Find the difference.

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The British singer even took the stage dressed as Post to play a karaoke version of his hit Rockstar.

Rita wrote on Instagram: "It surprised Wembley like this night in my show, my fans did not even recognize me LOL".

Harry Styles

Harry returned to a performance by Sir Elton John in 1975, which took place at the Dodgers Stadium.

And Sir Elton was clearly happy with the choice of suit.

Surprisingly, Harry donned the costume on Friday, October 26, which is also the date on which Elton's presentation was made in 1975.

Perrie Edwards

It usually looks good as a cake, but Perrie Edwards of Little Mix wore a darker side by dressing up as Ursula of the Disney Little Mermaid.

Hopefully unlike Ariel, none of his bandmates have been forced to give up their voices.

& # 39; Wonderful baby & # 39;

Following the star and model of Kardashians, Kendall Jenner went to his Halloween party dressed as Fembot from the 1999 film Austin Powers.

He was only four years old when the movie premiered.

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The model Kendall Jenner dressed as Fembot of Austin Powers

He's a great traveler in Hollywood, so it makes sense to George Clooney get dressed as a pilot.

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But it may have led to an uncomfortable moment when he ran into Diddy I was wearing a very similar suit.

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Kevin Mazur

Batman be careful: Halsey it's about.

The 24-year-old singer dressed and acted as the supervillain Poison Ivy for her Gotham themed party.

The nice dad-daughter moment of the weekend goes to John Legend and the two-year moon.

Here they are with Juan as the prince charming.

And you may have noticed that the queen of Halloween costumes, Heidi Klum, is missing.

The former model has not yet published this year's outfit, but last month she mocked that she was preparing for another special outfit.

If you did not know, you can always count on Heidi committing to a disguise, like when she was like Jessica Rabbit a few years ago.

Or as a very convincing old woman, probably cheating everyone.

In fact, if you lack inspiration before 31, probably Heidi's Instagram is not a bad place to look.

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