The Controversial Comment by Justin Bieber on a Picture of JoJo Siwa

adminDecember 31, 2018

Nobody's surprised Justin Bieber It is suddenly on its way controversial comments everywhere, but this time it wasn't his intention and everything was around new car of Yes, Siwa, the star of Nickelodeon.

Yes, Siwa I was very excited gift Christmas he received from West Coast Customs, a colorful one wagon specially adapted for her with a good picture of her in the chest. IN picture divided into Instagram for this company, Justin Bieber He left two mysterious comments They said "burn it". So without more.

The followers to Justin Bieber and off Yes, Siwa They did not know how to interpret this as one comment bad purpose on that part of Justin or as a simple joke. Followed by this, Yes, Siwa he shared another picture of his auto in Instagram, but this time she appeared in him, and his co-pilot was a carton Justin Bieber. JoJo added the word "burn it" as a description.

burn it

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Given so many speculations on everyone's side, Justin Bieber decided to clarify the matter through Twitter where he said "ethe car and the colors I did not like. I really hope you didn't think it was malicious or petty. "Nevertheless, Justin Bieber He was not saved from that mother Yes, Siwa I want to say "burn your own stuff". Oops!

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