"The Conners' Spoilers: premiere of episode 1 of" Roseanne "Spinoff

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After months of controversy and curiosity but above all controversy, The conners It will make its debut on Tuesday at 8 / 7c on ABC. However, on Friday morning, the network invited a handful of outlets, including TVLine, to preview them. Roseanne spinoff premiere as well as Episode 4 (with the return of David by Johnny Galecki). The only warning: we had to agree not to "discuss, imply or in any other way reveal what happens with the character of Roseanne Conner" in any of our coverage prior to the premiere. Almost everything else was fair game. So, with that in mind, here are 10 agile trials / teasing of the most anticipated "new" series this fall. (In the meantime, read review "A" by Michael Ausiello here.)

* The excision is recovered approximately three months after the resurgence events of last spring. The opening scene shows the whole family, including Bev, gathered in the kitchen.

* The new opening title sequence reaches an unexpected point in the episode, and is perfect.

* The wife of D.J. Geena (the new regular series Maya Lynne Robinson) returns home from Afghanistan at the beginning of the premiere. She is very religious and likes to give D.J. a hard time.

Mary Steenburgen, the mysterious premiere of Conners, mystery role.* Last man on earth Mary Steenburgen, survivor, plays a fundamental character (whose name was mentioned last season) Roseanne Renaissance). She shares an unforgettable scene with John Goodman.

* Becky is dating again. Similarly, Justin Long is presented as a possible love interest for Darlene, and is playing a lot to typography.

* If you enjoyed the second episode of the Renaissance, centered on Mark, you will greatly appreciate the story of a B who discovers that Darlene's son who does not agree with the genre goes to Dan to ask for advice about the children.

* Unless we miss it, there is not a single picture of Roseanne in Conner's house.

* Juliette Lewis fits perfectly as David's hippie girlfriend, Blue. She quickly exceeds her limits with the children (particularly with Harris), giving Darlene a reason not to like her.

* Dan has spoken with David again, although some of the words he uses are super morbid (and really funny).

* After dealing with Roseanne's pill addiction last season, another family member begins to seriously address her substance abuse problems.


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