"The Conners" Killed Roseanne. Here is the reaction so far.

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What is the verdict on "Roseanne" Spinoff, "The Conners" on ABC?

In March, ABC resurrected Roseanne Conner with her reboot of the beloved 1990 comedy "Roseanne." Less than a year later, he killed her: "The Conners", which debuted on Tuesday, is "Roseanne" without Roseanne Barr, whose homonymous series was canceled at the end of May, after Barr wrote a publication on Twitter comparing to Valerie Jarrett, former adviser to Barack Obama and African-American, wearing a jumpsuit.

"The Conners" was one last effort to save "Roseanne", which turned out to be a huge success for ABC. Instead of risking a messy battle off the screen with the former star of the show, and a possible return campaign, ABC decided to kill the character of Roseanne completely. The critical consensus is that it is better dead.

"Review:" The Conners "is a bittersweet pill '

The[[The New York Times]

"He took the example of real life Barr point out that the schisms in the United States at this time are not only about politics," writes James Poniewozik of The Times, and adds: "They also have to do with decency, empathy and dehumanization " He also adds: "These are moral lines that, once someone like Barr crosses them, you can not simply agree not to agree. You have to make a choice. ABC did it, and in the process, it freed the Conners to be themselves. "

"The Conners" does not need Roseanne "


"The Conners" even feels closer in tone and intention to the original Roseanne, which is an amazing thing to achieve when Roseanne is no longer in the picture, writes Jen. Chaney. He adds that Donald Trump's spectrum is largely absent in the split, which "removes a burden that forced the new characters of" Roseanne "to behave in some way that did not match what we knew about. them based on the original & # 39; Roseanne & # 39; ".

"The Conners" is what should have been the restart of "Roseanne" all the time "


Justin Kirkland of Esquire was one of the many critics who highlighted the performance of Lecy Goranson as the older sister, Becky: "In what is perhaps the most surprising twist, Becky (Lecy Goranson) emerged as the comedy of the episode M.V.P."

& # 39; Review the Conners "Misses Roseanne, but you do not need it

The[[Vanity Fair]

For Sonia Saraiya, the absence of Roseanne Barr is an opportunity. "Barr's personality occupied a lot of space on the set of" Roseanne "", writes Saraiya. "Without it, the cast and the characters have the opportunity to breathe. And the result is an unlikely and attractive family situation comedy with a group of colorful characters, all united by the same loss. "

"Without Roseanne," The Conners "Go On"


Linda Holmes argues that the premiere approach in the aftermath of Roseanne's death was a throwback to what made the original "Roseanne" unique: "Roseanne" was always more than fun, it was about family and conflict and relationships, and there, the first episode of "The Conners" is excellent. " But Holmes argues that writers have a lot of work to do when it comes to making this heavy stuff funny. Otherwise, the split "will not survive like a comedy."

"Can" The Conners " Really make "Roseanne" Without Roseanne?

The[[Vanity Fair]

Laura Bradley spoke with several writers of the original "Roseanne," some of whom were not so sure that continuing the story of the Conner family without Barr would work. According to an anonymous writer, "There is a certain personality that you need to be the protagonist of a program". Referring to Barr, the writer adds: "I think she was the core of the program." I like Dan and Darlene and all the other characters, and Jackie … They're all great. But I feel that the nucleus is missing. "

"The Conners" Showrunner Bruce Helford: Why We Killed Roseanne Like That "

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