The confession of the loving scene of the famous actress Nilperi Şahinkaya!

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Turkey's first vampire series Life as once in the headlines with their sex scenes. In the series that loves Kerem Bursin's beautiful actor Nilperi inkahinkaya, his family did not see the series.

MY FAMILY supervised monitoring

Turkey's first vampire series "Live as" came with a sex scene again. Nilperi Şahinkaya & nbsp; in Kerem Bürsin scenes for making love scenes, the scenes were spoken for days. In an interview with Hurriyet about Kerem Bursin's girlfriend in the series, she said she didn't want her dad to look at the show. The professional actress, who accepted such scenes and said her family did not say anything about it, told her she was still disturbed by the idea that her parents would see such scenes.


Turkey's first vampire series Yaşamayanlar the subject as follows: Miami, turning into a vampire killing Dmitry & # 39; y coming to Istanbul to be human again. But the old city of Istanbul has other plans for him. Mia is in the center of a story where the evil and hate of evil, the breathing of life and death are in the middle of a story.

Those who follow in this story are the dark and attractive Karmen, the warrior Numel, who has a good secret in his past, and the hunters who resist vampires on the outskirts of Istanbul. Most importantly, a great war between humans and vampires is about to begin. Her biggest test is to fight on the side when the big battle begins.

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