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adminNovember 28, 2018

This Wednesday, November 28th, Laurent Gerra began to mimic François Bayrou. The mayor of Pau wishes to respond to President Emmanuel Macron's intervention on Tuesday, November 27: "Hi" yellow vests "hello" brown ponchos "hello" blue shirts ", it's an enthusiastic turtleneck sweater who talks to you," he begins to declare. According to him, the president has followed his advice perfectly: "It was not too hard, neither too soft nor too rigid, neither too soft, not too open, not too closed, and always in the middle of the screen".

It is then Jean-Marie le Pen as imitated humorist. The former president of the national front will meet the verdict of the criminal court in Paris on his controversial comments on gays. "Ah, they're starting us
to break, press …, tarl …, invertis. Everything because I said
Figaro, that it homosexuals,
It's a bit like salt in the soup
: If that's not enough, it's a bit
dry and if it's too much it's outright ".

Finally, Laurent Gerra has imitated Eddy Mitchell and his columnists Bertrand Tavernier and Roman Polanski, in a new issue of "We're Revoking the Movie". The latter explains having gone to see "The Grinch", who leaves this Wednesday. A movie that the director does not consider young people: "Not at all really, it was no
over 13 years and over,
and some accompanied by their mothers,
a terror really! "

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