The Colombian actor ends up "arrested" to make an Instagram challenge?

adminDecember 26, 2018

Francisco Bolívar, nephew of Senator Gustavo Bolívar, performed an advertising campaign that confused his successors. In it, he looks like taking an unpaid item from a store and ending up in handcuffs. Many thought the joke is already adding one million views to the Internet.

The Colombian actress Francisco Bolívar, nephew of Senator Gustavo Bolívar, posted a video on their Instagram account, where for an internet challenge, ends up being stopped by the government.

At the beginning of the recording you can watch Bolívar try a pair of tennis shoes when he decides to run out of the store. Immediately it is dObserved by guard on siter, who do not hesitate to report it to the police.

The famous one repeatedly explains that there is a video for the internet and ask "Don't you know who I am?". However, two uniformed people come with motorbike and handcuffs on the actor.

In the publication, the message reads: "NOW FINALLY! To give them to me, I ended up in a police station! Don't you know who I am? Hey, I love you from jail! And I wish you a Merry Christmas deprived of my freedom! "In addition, you mark Ducati, the tennis mark shown in the video. The video exceeds one million reproductions, and has 74 thousand "likes".

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Some of his followers worried about the Colombian, but for his sake it is clear that it was an advertising campaign.

"Everything is acting! It's an ad. As for Vigilante Brayan, he turned out to be an excellent natural actor, and the two policemen were a bacchanalia! Don't be bitter about it, laugh, something that this universe requires most! And finally give the video a lesson if you try to do something outside the law because it has consequences! A hug, a kiss and thanks for comment! ", Prepare Bolivar in response to a comment.

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