The clothes on the red carpet

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Who impressed most on the Golden Globe outfit – and who fell on the red carpet? Our gallery shows it.

Good clothes, bad clothes were on red carpet left on this year's Golden Globes again motto – from neon alarms, to tulle sizes to getting used to animal prints, it was all to see.

A bad example was in the observer's eyes and top model Heidi Klum (45) from. She distracted herself from her natural beauty in a green, black outfit with comics. American actresses Anne Hathaway (36), Nicole Kidman (51) and Lucy Liu (50) were among the style critics.

Gaga five million dollar jewelry

The list of well-dressed headed Lady Gaga (32). She stood out in her bulky Valentino dress and jewelry worth $ 5 million like no other. Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco (33) and film divas Julia Roberts (51) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (49) also gave good marks.

Photobombs go viral

In the network for excitement, promotion of water bottles also provided Fiji water. Based on the stars, a celebrity lady diligently announced her product, she managed to land the many images of the stars and stars in the blue evening dress – thus stealing the show from celebrities – and went viral with it. (WYT)

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