The chronicles of Laurent Ruquier "next to the record", Aymeric Caron did not bid with its followers in ONPC

adminNovember 26, 2018

Of the rififet between the new chronicles of One do not lie and the old? Aymeric Caron said he would not promote his new book on Laurent Ruquier's show.

As a general rule, after departure from the show, the agreement remains warm between Laurent Ruquier and his former chronicles. AnimatorWe are not lying has worked with many people over the years: Léa Salamé, Natacha Polony, Yann Moix … And When working on a new project, they are generally welcome on the plateau of France 2 to promote it. Thus, Aymeric Caron had already returned several times to discuss his work. But for its new book, that will not be the case.

This Monday, November 26th, the author told Twitter to answer the question of a surfer who asked him if he would soon be a guest ofWe are not lying. Clear response from the client: " not. "Promote his book living, Editions Flammarion, will not go through the show in France 2. Why? " The team tells me they will not receive me "He says. A decision that inspires him two different emotions:"On the one hand sad and disappointed, on the other hand, relieved to avoid a new dialogue with deaf with two colonists next to the record."

A spade that is not addressed to his former boss but to Christine Angot and Charles Consigny, the new boy to the team, has regularly criticized since the launch of the season of the show. Last March, He had already had hard words back We are not lying, claims to the site : " I'm sad to see what ONPC has become. In particular, he criticized Christine Angot and Yann Moix, who still worked at the time: " These two people should not be here. "


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