The character of Showyn, Megyn Kelly, "has not yet been released" in the series Roger Ailes

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Tatiana Siegel

The premium services provider and Lionsgate are planning projects that focus on Fox News presenters.

What to do when the protagonist of the real life of your film is involved in a scandal? The sudden departure of Megyn Kelly from NBC draws attention to two projects being carried out on Showtime and Lionsgate.

On Showtime, a limited series of eight episodes by producer Jason Blum, based on Gabriel Sherman's book The highest voice in the room, includes a script in which it is said that Megyn Kelly appears in some scenes. However, a Kelly character has not been chosen yet (Naomi Watts will play Gretchen Carlson and Russell Crowe will play Ailes).

"Megyn Kelly has always been a minor character in our limited series, mentioned or appearing in a handful of scenes over the course of the eight episodes," a Showtime representative said in a statement after the story was first published. "The role has not yet been carried out and no changes have been made to this role since the project was announced for the first time."

Sherman, who co-wrote the first episode with Highlight Writer Tom McCarthy says: "Megyn Kelly was a peripheral participant in the fall of Ailes." As I reported at the time, it was Gretchen Carlson and her attorney Nancy Erika Smith who drove the events that led to the expulsion of Ailes. to meet with Paul "Weiss 'lawyers were important, he was Fox's biggest star at the time, but when he spoke with investigators, Ailes' fate had been sealed. Any dramatization that makes it a central character in the demolition of Ailes is pure fiction. "

Meanwhile, Jay Roach's untitled film about Fox News women who toppled Roger Ailes with his claims of sexual harassment includes Charlize Theron playing Kelly in a central role.

Although the filmmakers have been calling the film a set piece, Theron is top notch and also a producer. Production began in Los Angeles on October 22, three days before the cancellation of NBC. Megyn Kelly today after Kelly's comments about the black face, leaving the filmmakers in an awkward position – she advances with a tarnished heroine or delays production by remodeling Theron's Kelly and tweaking Charles Randolph's script in a Roman key.

The film already met a challenge earlier this month, after it was abandoned by Annapurna Pictures of Megan Ellison, leaving filmmakers struggling to find a new distributor. On October 9, Lionsgate intervened to premiere the film, which also stars Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and John Lithgow (although one source says the agreement is not yet officially closed but is very close to the finish line).

October 30, 9:35 pm. Updated holder and history throughout. A Showtime representative states that Kelly's character has not yet been released and may appear in the limited series in a supporting role.

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