A Canadian rapper known for According to reports, several tricks on his YouTube channel died on Saturday in British Columbia after falling from the wing of a plane while filming a music video.

When Jon James McMurray, 34, known by his stage name, Jon James, moved toward the wing of the small Cessna plane, the plane began a downward spiral that the pilot could not correct, according to the rapper's manager. Ryan Desrochers, reported on the Canadian news giant Global News.

"His final act included the performance of an airplane trick that included rapping while walking in the wing.He had trained intensely for this trick, however, as Jon went into the wing of the plane, it caused little Cessna to enter the plane. a downward spiral that the pilot could not correct, "Desrochers said.

"Jon stayed in the wing until it was too late, and the moment he let go, he did not have time to pull his ramp, he struck and died instantly."

The balloon and the mail in Toronto he reports that the team and the pilot landed safely.

On Monday, a GoFundMe page was created to raise money to help "put Jon James' things to the world the right way" and pay for a celebration of his life.

"He touched and raised so many people in his brief stay here," says the GoFundMe page. "He also documented everything he did relentlessly. Your close friends and family want to do something amazing with the rate you left us. It's what I would have wanted the most. "

James was also known as McFee.

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