The Canadian rapper dies after falling off the plane during a wing-wing maneuver | World News

adminOctober 24, 2018

A Canadian rapper died while filming a trick that involved rapping while walking in the wing of an airplane.

The British Columbia forensic service said Jon James McMurray, 34, had been with a team that made aerial acrobatics and skydiving videos on Saturday.

McMurray's manager, Ryan Desrochers, said the rapper had trained "intensively" for the trick, but as he moved toward a wing, little Cessna went into a downward spiral. Desrochers said that McMurray had clung to the wing too long and when he let go he did not have time to open his parachute. He died on impact.

The plane landed safely. Police were investigating the death, local media said.

Friends of McMurray paid tribute to his "incredible talent" for music. Rory Wayne Bushfield, who knew the rapper since childhood, told the Star that he had trained for the trick for months.

"He planned for everything," he said. "It should have been simple, it's one of those things, we're not really sure what happened."

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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