The cage of Luke of Marvel canceled by Netflix after two seasons

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From Marvel Luke Cage It is canceled by Netflix after two seasons. In 2013, Marvel TV and Netflix reached an agreement to launch their own corner of the Marvel film universe. Which officially started in 2015 with season 1 of Reckless. It was followed by the rest of the three independent television series as part of their initial agreement: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage Y Iron fist. Following the debut seasons of these shows, and a second year outing for Reckless – Marvel and Netflix brought together the four heroes to The defenders mini series. They also launched a spin-off show, The Punisher, at the end of 2017.

At the beginning, the Marvel Netflix series were critical hits, with the debut seasons of Reckless, Jessica Jones Y Luke Cage receiving very favorable reviews. (It is not clear how well the programs did in terms of audience because Netflix does not publish that information publicly). But nevertheless, Iron fist Y The defenders they were not so well received and The Punisher it did not gain as much buzz as the other programs. Now, Netflix has eliminated its second TV Marvel show, with Iron fist being canceled last week.

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THR Reports that Netflix has canceled. Luke Cage after two seasons. The news arrives exactly one week later. Iron fist It was canceled and the same day as Reckless Season 3 premiered. It was previously reported that Luke Cage It was expected to be renewed. Now, THR reports Luke Cage was canceled due to "The creative differences and the inability to accept the terms for a third season". Officially, Marvel and Netflix published a joint declaration on cancellation:

Unfortunately, Marvel's Luke Cage will not be back for a third season. Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix are grateful to the dedicated showrunner, writers, cast and crew that gave life to the Harlem Hero for the past two seasons, and to all the fans who supported the series.

While Iron fist he conquered many spectators with his second improved season, Luke Cage Season 2 managed to elevate a program that was already praised as one of Marvel's best television shows. As such, it is more strange to see Luke Cage canceled, although, again, we do not have the audience numbers of any of the Netflix Marvel shows to compare. That said, based on THR report, may not be a case of audience or critical reception; it may simply be about whether Netflix and Marvel could agree to an agreement for an additional season.

After all, Marvel TV's parent company, Disney, is looking to launch its own broadcast service in late 2019. And it was previously reported that Marvel will develop television shows with some of its movie characters, such as Loki and Scarlet Witch. If Disney wants to keep all the new Marvel programming under its umbrella, they will have to end their deal with Netflix: one show appears at a time. Of course, that's largely speculation, as Netflix insists they retain the power to cancel or renew Marvel shows, not Disney. But it is worth noting your original agreement concluded after The defenders, and an agreement for each additional season and show depends on both Netflix and Disney.

What all this ultimately means for the Netflix corner of the MCU is unclear at this time. But given the particular shows that have been canceled, fans are no doubt asking for daughters of Daughters of the Dragon and / or Heroes for Hire. It remains to be seen if they are lit in green, and if they appear on Netflix or Disney's streaming service.

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