The burner burns in English court: When Meghan makes Kate cry

adminNovember 28, 2018

It has been six months since Prince Harry and Meghan got married and it seems like fresh air is breathing into the royal family, by the American actress is more like a "hurricane" within Kensington Palace. At least, some employees in Kensington Palace now refer to the Duchess of Sussex.

We had mentioned the cascade departures of Prince Harry's staff and his wife and the two princess's desire to share their teams and now depends on two different offices. Decisions that surprised the observers of the royal family in England. Why such enthusiasm? Your father, Prince Charles is not yet on the throne.

But now another surprising decision has been revealed by the staff of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. Future parents will leave Kensington Palace, where the apartment next to Kate and William was meant for their homes on the outskirts of Windsor Castle, outside of London's capital. A surprising decision, but justified by the fact that Meghan and Harry do not want "their future children to live like goldfish in a jar" revealed some sources of the palace.

In the shadows, languages ​​are loosened and real reasons make room for official reasons. The real problem is that Meghan will not be the neighbor of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate.

"The two young wives from the prince do not come together …", entrust more sources. And there are already tensions between the two women before the famous wedding on May 1st. It is the newspaper The Sun that reports this morning, this exciting episode that left Kate in tears.

When he tried Princess Charlottes dress, who wanted to take on the role of honor in her uncle's wedding, Meghan would be particularly stressful and demanding. The bride would have insisted "many times so everyone really does their best to be on their 31th day for their big day", but the little princess Charlotte, 3 years old, did not meet the demands of the Hollywood actress, reports The Sun.

According to the report, sources at the palace said that this adaptation would have been too tense, Meghan put too much pressure on Charlotte and Kate, and that the Duchess of Cambridge who had just given birth would have completed this session in tears.

The Duchessians would have explained themselves after this incident and would have agreed not to return to it. But now, six months after integrating "The Firm", it seems that Meghan's demanding character is difficult to reconcile with its new status.

The former Hollywood actor would have major problems adapting to his new role. The queen would even have had an interview with Prince Harry to ask Meghan to speak less hard to the palace staff. Departure of his personal assistant, after only 6 months, is widely discussed in the British press.



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