The burial of Adel Amin after the arrival of his body to Alexandria

adminNovember 26, 2018

The funeral of the late artist Adel Amin will take place Monday night, after the arrival of his body to Alexandria.

The artist Sameh Al-Saraiti said that the late will be buried in the graves of the family in Alexandria, and notes that the date of the trump is not yet decided.

On this morning, the great artist Adel Amin left the world after 83 years of conflict with the disease.

Adel Amin, born October 20, 1935 in Alexandria, started in the late 1970s, began his role in the 1980s with simple roles, such as his role in the journey to Mr. Abu El-Al-Bishri, the series of Raafat El – Hagan (Part I) in 1987, embodied the "Ezra" character of the Jew and dream daughter in the role of Talaat Shamashrgi, and later in the role of "Atouqa" in the Arabs series with Salah al-Saadani.

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