The bulls return to Medellin with three bullfights

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Bullring of La Macarena de Medellín will continue this year's traditional season at the beginning of the year with three bullfighters who will be held on Saturday 9, 16 and 23, after threatening the risk of not performing.

The Mexican company Casa Toreros, in alliance with Alberto Cediel, Colombian farmer bravo, presented a proposal that met the requirements of D & # 39; Groupe SAS, the new largest shareholder in bullfighting in Medellin.

The University Hospital of the San Vicente Foundation left last year's 51% stake in the bullfighting of La Macarena, held by D & # 39; Groupe SAS, a conglomerate specializing in hospitality and events, including activities.

Hospital centers are experiencing financial difficulties that have forced to sell properties of their property in that region of the country as a formula to respond to contractual obligations.

Given that D & # 39; Groupe SAS took over the management of this scenario on December 1, Cormacarena, the company that has clearly bullfighted there since 1991, had decided to reject all the obligations that were made.

Therefore, the Casa Toreros proposal puts an end to weeks of uncertainty about the immediate future of bullfighting in Medellin.

In recent decades in Colombia, Cartagena de India's places, Bucaramanga and Armenia ceased to function as bullfighting scenarios, while those of Palmira and Popayán saw their activity diminished.


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