The Body BLOG of actors with SATANA. He thanked DIAVOL for ALL, even at SCENE. HALUCINANT speech

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Actor Christian Bale, who won Sunday's best actress award, thanks Satan for everything he has done so far, a little strange after the public opinion of those who attended the ceremony, writes Dailymail.

He was awarded the best actor in a comedy film at the Golden Globes 2019 for his role in Vice, playing Dick Cheney, a former US vice president, in a political satire.

"Thank you, Satan, for giving me the inspiration to play this role," said the actress about Dick Cheney's character.

Shortly after this statement, the representatives of Satan's church answered on Twitter.

"For us, Satan is a symbol of pride, freedom and individualism that serves us as a metaphorical projection of our full potential. And as Mr Bale's talent helped win the prize, this fits. Long live Christian (pun, Christian also means Christian) Long live Satan! "

Elena Udrea, what VESTE! Her lawyer did just the announcement shortly after

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