The Big Bang Theory: What Penny, Sheldon and Co. looked in the past

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"The Big Bang Theory" at that time: This is what Penny, Sheldon and Co. looked like before

After 12 years is finally over. Since Monday, the last season of the long running "Big Bang Theory" on ProSieben sank. And cross-country skiing is not exaggerated.

Because last year, an incredible 2,218 episodes of popular sitcoms were shown.

At the thought of the last season we become sentimental – and take a look back to the beginning. Here you can see how the actors have changed since season 1.

"Penny" – Kaley Cuoco

Penny has definitely become blonde over the years. As far as her dress style is concerned, Penny has grown up a bit.

For the season's final, Kaley Cuoco says about her role: "Penny, it was the greatest character I've ever played in my life." Let's believe in her right away if we take a look at the account balance. Per episode, she should earn around 790,000 euros.

"Leonard" – Johnny Galecki

Leonard did a PhD at the age of 24 and has since worked as an experimental physicist. Nerd Leonard is not really the big heart switch, but he managed to conquer Penny's heart. But not only in the series did they find each other (at least in the meantime).

Johnny Galecki had a two-year relationship with Kaley Cuoco, which lasted until the end of 2009. From a purely visual point of view, Leonard has definitely remained true to himself. Twelve years later, the glasses remain as a glove.

"Sheldon" – Jim Parsons

The $ 1 million deal has not stopped Jim Parsons from putting the end of the series right, he revealed recently.

In the series, he is the highly intelligent and sociopathic physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper, who has an IQ of 187. By the way, the first episode of last season shows Amy and Sheldon's honeymoon in New York. Since the fourth season, they are in a relationship. The love of superhero shirts has also remained. A little more mature, Sheldon has finally become (visually and mentally).

"Howard" – Simon Helberg

Howard is a non-doctoral space researcher. Sheldon never stopped reminding him. And he also has another special feature: his style of clothing. With a turtleneck and colorful pants, at least he is always eye-catching, whether positive or negative in his love story, it doesn't matter. Because since the third season, Howard is with Bernadette. Baby Halley is the culmination of her little family.

"Raj" – Kunal Nayyar

The astrophysicist obviously has more curls on his head after 12 seasons. If Raj finally finds a woman for life? Because more than one night of penny and some small contacts have not come that far. But now his parents are going to drive him to the port of marriage – by appointment. Hotel manager Anu will at least put Raj through his steps.

"Bernadette" – Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch also seems to have changed in her role as Bernadette. Together with Penny, the microbiologist first worked at Cheescake Factory. Here she also met Howard. The rest is history.

"Amy" – Mayim Bialik

After eight years, Amy's appearance has not changed. The glasses have been natural, Amy can be a little more ladylike. The passionate neurobiologist can still look forward to fashion tips from her friend Penny.

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