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Many people complain about going out New Year's Eve In Miami Traffic, ticket prices and tourists can make for a fantastic night out. That is why the most important decision you will make before the end of the year is where you will celebrate the arrival of 2019.

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Miami can't be very good in many things, but no doubt the fiesta is the strong city. And while people are risking hypothermia to see a ball fall in Times Square, here you can use an unknown shirt or short skirt while waiting for the kiss at midnight. That's why we give you a selection of the top 10 New Year's festivals to be held in the city.

New Year's Eve base 2019

Think of the NYY event Silent Addy's Bashment as a farewell not only to 2018, but also to Wynwood Yard, which will be closed in the Miami Art District this spring. (The places in Doral and North Beach are coming soon). But wait for Silent Addy and Disco Neil to be in 100 with the best dancehall, soca, Afrobeats and more, because if they want to welcome 2019, they can also sweat.

Time: 10:00 AM Location: Wynwood Yard, 56 NW 29th St., Miami; 305-351-0366;

Admission is free before 11 am with RSVP; Tickets cost $ 20 to $ 35 through

Not seen again in the new year

Opened in 2013, Not seen, as the locals call it, has been the Miami Beach nightclub which has continued despite the increasing concentration that transforms even the most sown parts of South Beach. It is possible that the rhythms to Luca Bacchetti can not reverse the decline in the city against banality, but I hope you try. The Italian DJ is best known for leading Endless Records and for providing a sound that, while based on dance music, jumps evenly from one genre to another.

Time: 10:00 AM Location: Not Viewed On Furniture, 423 16th St., Miami Beach; 510-551-5067;

Tickets cost between $ 20 and $ 100 through

Flash for the future NEW 2019

Few places are like Miami-like Nikki Beach. Maybe it's the white clothes or the big beds, but it's hard to imagine a better representation of the city's party stand. For NYE, the club will be transformed into a space age fantasy with live music, acrobatics and a private fireworks display. Thanks to its beachfront location, Nikki Beach is the perfect setting to greet the New Year.

Time: 8 pm Location: Nikki Beach, 1 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 305-538-1111;

Tickets cost between $ 75 and $ 4,550 through


It cannot be denied that 2018 was the appearance of the queer scene in Miami. Queer parties were everywhere this year, including Gender Blender, which usually takes place monthly at Las Rosas, but on New Year's Eve it will cross the bridge to take over Kill your idol. Eye Dolls, the local drag star, will overwrite the night, which also includes a show by one of South Florida's most subversive kite artists, Florida Man. Best of all: no cover.

Time: 8 pm Location: Kill Your Idol, 222 Española Way, Miami Beach; 305-672-1707;

Admission is free.

J Balvin and Alesso

Say it J Balvin Breaking the marks in 2018 is an understatement. The Colombian superstar has basically been the owner of the Billboard charts for the past 12 months, showing that in order to succeed in the United States, it no longer requires an artist to sing in English. "Machika", "X" and his participation in the "Like" Cardi Btener made it a household name in the United States. If Balvin's car has been lost this year, will Fontainebleau gives him his last chance to move on.

Time: 9pm Location: Fontainebleau Miami Beach, 4441 Collin Ave., Miami Beach; 800-548-8886;

Tickets cost between $ 300 and $ 40,000 through

Jamie Jones and Marco Carola

On Tuesday morning you can be on your way to the whole day at the corner of NE 11th Street and North Miami Avenue for some relief from your back fire with a champagne breakfast. Don't be surprised if you notice a slight bass bump in the background. Each year, place Try the midnight countdown in NY as the beginning of the night's activities. And you couldn't be in more expert hands at party than with the manager of Hot Creations, Jamie Jones, returning to Park West night club for the third consecutive year to celebrate the New Year. Through the poster becomes the Italian techno master Marco Carola.

Time: 11 am Location: Rome, 34 NE 11th St., Miami; 786-357-6456;

Tickets cost between $ 50 and $ 150 through

Meek Mill

After disappearing a number of legal problems, 2018 seemed to be a good year for Meek Mill Launched in November, championship , his fourth studio album, received critical acclaim and debuted on the Billboard 200. It's the kind of work that could only come from the injustices he encountered in recent years. So look like Mill in Story as a kind of victory and celebrate your achievements this year that came despite many obstacles.

Time: 21:00 on Monday. Location: Story, 136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-479-4426;

Tickets cost between $ 150 and $ 15,000 through


It's been a regular year for the Atlanta trio. In January, Migos left Culture II, the follow-up to the successful culture of 2017. But the critics did not seem so enthusiastic about the new topics, and no idea constituted the impact of "Bad and Boujee". Therefore, hope that 2019 will turn out to be better.

Time: 10:00 am: e11even, 29 NE 11th St., Miami; 305-829-2911;

Tickets cost $ 250 through

Moonlight Disco

Poolside parties are given by dozens in Miami, but the perfectly manicured gardens and pool deck on Nautilus are among the best in South Beach. On New Year's Eve, the hotel will host Disco Moonlight. DJ from New York Julian Cavin and DJ Nano They will turn around with the special guest, Mr. Pauer, so he expects the music to be quite eclectic. it nautilus It also allows guests to enhance their experience through dinner and cabana options.

Time: 7 pm Location: Nautilus South Beach, 1825 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-503-5700;

Tickets cost between $ 75 and $ 3,000 through

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