The best childhood friends fall hard and fast.

They do not worry about burning or playing. They just want to play games. They also do not worry about how they will keep in touch.

Mississippian Brianna and her friend Heidi met on a dinner cruise with their parents in Honolulu in 2006 and after one night, they were BFFs.

The holidays ended and 12 years later, Brianna declared with Twitter users to help her find Heidi.

"We were basically the best friends for that night, so I need them to help me find my best friend because I miss her and I need to see how she is now."

In the picture of herself, dressed in a lei sitting next to a girl in a blue dress, the Twitter user @Briannacry, asked for retweets. It has retweeted more than 101,000 times and continues to grow.

Heidi is found!

Less than 12 hours after the publication came out on Saturday, November 24, the Twitter user @heii_tree responded. She was holding a picture of herself and her family on the dinner cruise and tweeted simply: "I heard you were looking for me."

Brianna did not waste time answering:

"OMG, my heart is so happy."

Brianna, 19, told BuzzFeed News that she thought it might take a week or more to find Heidi. Since the two long lost friends have connected, they have been sharing stories about the lives of others.

"The internet is so amazing and it showed me that, after all, it really is a small world," he said. "We just reached life and school and everything."

A face-to-face meeting?

The Internet would love to see the two meet in person. But the two live on opposite sides of the country, said Brianna, who attends Hampton University.

Heidi tweeted: "I'm going to community college for financial help, I will not go anywhere soon."

Neither of them said they approved a GoFundMe page that came up.

A happy ending brings happy tears.

Twitter users were overjoyed when the two longtime friends connected. Heidi had not even logged into Twitter in years. It was not until the friends alerted her that what she did was being looked for.

Twitter users showed how invested they had become in the meeting with a long train of GIF with tears.

And if this story has not moved you a little, then maybe you're made of stone.

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