The Bergdoktor star brings mother from nursing home

adminDecember 29, 2018

It was a brave move made by TV star Monika Baumgartner. The actress took her mother Gertrud out of her nursing home and placed her in a sheltered residential area. Now she talks about the reasons.

Monika Baumgartner's mother is 90 years old and has lived in nursing homes so far. It's different now, because in the meantime the older woman lives in a supervised residential area. "I'm glad we did, my mother now has her own four walls with her furniture, her pictures, I don't know what else would have happened to her."

"My mother was and is mentally fit"

The reason Gertrud was forced to move out of her apartment was a fall where she broke her hip. "My mother was and is mentally fit, but she needed constant care, has nursing three, so first was the nursing home again," says the 67-year-old. But she didn't feel good there. "I was afraid it would break down even more," Baumgartner emphasizes. Now she is "very happy" again.

Monika Baumgartner has since 2008 played the role of Elisabeth Gruber in "Der Bergdoktor". She was also seen on the "crime scene", in "Die Rosenheim-Cops", "Der Alte" or "Derrick". In addition, the actress plays regularly at the theater stage in Munich.

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