The bachelor is thrown on a fence in a new promotion

adminNovember 20, 2018

The bachelor, Colton Underwood


Well, we've never seen this happen in The Bachelor before!

A new promotion for The Bachelor, which was issued during Dancing with the stars final, showed many of the typical things that are seen in this franchise. Many hot people with little clothes kiss, swim, cry and scream, but usually they do not talk about how they are virgins, and they do not say they can not accept proposals, and not jumping over the fences.

Sure, the edition probably tricked us into thinking that Colton is throwing himself on that fence while women scream when he's actually doing parkour or something, but these creators of promotions have always been geniuses.

We are already working on a drinking game for this season, and if we were playing now, we would already be … losing it … after just a trailer full of "virginity" and "virginity". At least we have a good month and a half to prepare at this point, because this season can destroy us.

Also really, really, we really hope that the fence thing is really as dramatic as they want us to think it's going to be, because the idea of ​​a Single The star that tries to escape from a date on a fence is what makes us want to see this now.

The Bachelor It opens on Monday, January 7 at ABC.

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