The baby of the red light rails is here!

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Schwesta Ewa became a mother for the first time. The scandal rapper gave birth to a healthy girl on January 9th. She shared it with her fans via Instagram.

In November, Sister Ewa announced her pregnancy. "I am 34 years old and get my first child," she wrote at that time to a picture of herself with high heels, mini dress and child support.

Two months later, the baby is there. The good news was shared by red-light rapper and her fans on Instagram. For a snapshot, which she shows in Düsseldorf's gynecological clinic with her newborn baby, she wrote: "The most beautiful in the world is free and yet invaluable."

In addition, she also revealed the name of her daughter: Aaliyah Jeyla. Dan complains the 34 year old again to the little girl: "I will always protect you, my heart."

When the newlywed mother made her pregnancy public in November, the rapper was worried she would give birth to her child. In June 2018, Schweita Ewa, whose real name was Ewa Malanda, was sentenced by the Frankfurt / Main district court for tax evasion, sexual seduction of minors and 35 times personal injury. The native Polin must earn two years and six months in prison.

When she was just about to take her prison sentence, it was not known at that time. But in December she told an Instagram story that the new date of her trial will be February 28, well after her daughter's birthday. By the way, according to the rapper, the pregnancy was not planned, nor did it happen. Who is her child's father has not betrayed her.

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