The audience of Bianca in & # 39; Creed 2 & # 39; It's part of its history, but it's not all

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Credo II Take the love story of Adonis Creed and Bianca Porter to the next level. But as things progress for the couple, each of them still has to deal with their separate careers and their own personal problems. In Credo IIBianca's hearing loss is an important part of her story, as she continues her career as a singer and faces the fact that her hearing problem may be something she could pass on to her children.

In 2015 Creed, Bianca, played by Tessa Thompson, is an unsigned singer who works on recording an album at home, knowing that her hearing is deteriorating and that she will eventually go deaf. The character is a triumph for the representation due to her hearing problem: she is shown using headphones in both films and both she and Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) know some sign language, and also a victory when it comes to other people significant They are shown in films focused on men, specifically athletes, because Bianca has her own career and interests.

Thompson had the pleasure of taking on the role for both reasons. She told him Los Angeles Times in December 2015, "I am a kind of benefactor of the fact that [Hollywood] Now he is interested in telling more rounded stories. That was not the case a while ago. As for the options, there was not much to do. So to play young women who are not only the object of the narrative, but the subject of the narrative and nuances and great, that did not really happen for women like me. "

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Spoilers for Credo II ahead. The movements of Bianca's career continue in Credo II. It is signed with a record label, it is shown acting for a large audience, with Adonis also attending, because not only is it going to its events – and also sings while he enters the arena before his big fight. His hearing is still deteriorating, but he does not completely lose it in the movie.

And the way your hearing loss is shown is sensitive. In a scene at the beginning, Adonis begins his speech to propose something to her while Bianca is still in the bathroom after a shower and has not put on her hearing aid again. At first, it seems that this is played only for laughter: a man is convinced of being really vulnerable and his girlfriend can not even hear it. But instead, things take a more serious turn when Bianca realizes what happened and the couple meets to discuss whether they are really ready to commit. In an even more emotional scene later in the film, Bianca has to hug her and Adonis' new baby, while the little one undergoes a hearing test to see if she inherited Bianca's deterioration.

Thompson told the Los Angeles Times Already in 2015, she is "an advocate for people in their communities who can tell their own stories," but she took on the role because she knew she would not be an exploiter. More recently, she told BET that her younger brother has a hearing loss and that she spoke to him to prepare for the role. "My brother is 19 years old and he has lost his hearing all his life," he explained. "And working on this film this time, in the conversations I had with him about it and really understanding it, I realized there are so many questions that I never asked him about his own experience, although I'm so close to him."

Thompson also spoke with Tony-nominated actress Lauren Ridloff, who is deaf. "I was talking to her and she just wanted to make sure she knows that she is really happy and that she lives a really rich life," Thompson told BET. "The truth is that there are a lot of people who do not hear anything or experience hearing loss and live incredible and rich lives, I think it's important, especially in the media, to reflect that, it does not have to be a painful experience." "

In Credo IIBianca's story is not a difficult life dominated by her hearing loss, but it shows the emotions and difficulties that accompany it. Thompson, the writers and the director made sure of it.

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