The audience gets access to 19h: "DNA" leader, "19/20" and "C to you" powerful, "Daily" in front of "TPMP" under millions

adminNovember 29, 2018


"Tomorrow belongs to us" (TF1): 3.86 million (18.6%).

"DNA" is still leader, clearly ahead of the competition.

The rest of the lead package

"Do not forget the words" * (France 2): 3.41 million (16.5%).
"The National 19/20" (France 3): 3.29 million (15.5%).
"Top Chef Objective" (M6): 1.72 million (9.7%).

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"Burger Quiz": Marina Foï's bold joke at Cyril Hanouna

The game Nagui is second, in front of a "19/20" still in shape on France 3.

TNT channels

"C to you" (France 5): 1.43 million (7.4%).
"Daily" – Part 1 (TMC): 1.01 million (4.6%).
"Do not touch my post" – Part 1 (C8) **: 940000 (4.3%).
"The Angels Holidays" (NRJ 12): 360.000 (1.7%).
"Info of the real event (Canal +): 225,000 (1.2%).

"C to you" is the broad leader of the conversations.
"Daily" dominates "TPMP", which goes under millions.

* Last edition
** It lasts until kl. 20:30.

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